Sunday, May 23, 2010

1980 Burger King Phillies #5 Manny Trillo

Red Sox 8, Phillies 3
Game 43 - Sunday Afternoon, May 23rd in Philadelphia

It's hard to win ballgames when you don't score any runs, let sure inning-ending double play balls go through your legs and allow the other team to score 7 times in the first 6 innings. Yikes. Hopefully the Phils fare better against the Red Sox when they visit Boston in mid-June. I could continue this post by discussing just how poorly the Phils played, almost getting shut out for the second game in a row, but I won't.

1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back #80 Lobot

The Saga Continues: 30 years ago this weekend, The Empire Strikes Back opened in theaters. As I've revealed previously, my son Doug is somewhat obsessed with all things Star Wars, having recently inherited his father's collection of old toys. He's watched the first movie a few dozen times now, so I thought last night would be as good a time as any to introduce him to the next movie, the "scary" movie. We had talked about it, and I made him aware the "mean guys" win this time. Undaunted, we charged onward, and with a few of the more intense scenes skipped over, Doug is now enamored with Dagobah and Cloud City and Lobot and Boba Fett.

The Phils were on their way to their first World Championship in 1980. Back on May 21, 1980, the Phils pulled out a dramatic win against the Reds at Veterans Stadium. Down 8-7 heading into the bottom of the 9th, the Phils scored twice off reliever Tom Hume for the victory. Lonnie Smith scored the winning run when Reds' right fielder Dave Collins misplayed a Manny Trillo fly ball. The E9 gave the '80 Phils their 17th win of the season, pulling them within 3½ games of the first place Pirates.

Better things were on the horizon for both the '80 Phils and the Rebel Alliance. Hopefully the '10 Phillies can get back on track, and they won't need the help of Ewoks to do so.


JD's Daddy said...

just curious how old your son is? Jacoby was caught slack-jawed watching the rebels attack the first death star while flipping channels yesterday. Makes me wonder how long I have to wait for him to watch the trilogy.

Word verification: Wayne.

Party on.

Jim said...

He's 3 1/2. Once he inherited my old toys he wanted to know all about them - their names, what they did, whether or not they were mean or nice. So watching the first movie was like him reconnecting with characters he already knew.

Whenever we watch it, I make sure to reinforce the pretend part of the whole thing. It's amazing how that story is still completely absorbing and awesome to someone watching it for the first time.

Section 36 said...

See you guys next month!