Thursday, March 4, 2010

2003 Upper Deck 40-Man #665 Rheal Cormier

On the day new ace Roy Halladay made his Phillies debut, I'm featuring a baseball card of former left-handed set-up reliever Rheal Cormier. Why? Because, inexplicably, he was once Jenna's favorite player, and because I like to make my wife happy. She's had a rough week and if a Rheal Cormier baseball card can brighten her day a little, then so be it.

(Also, there's the little matter of me not actually owning any official Roy Halladay baseball cards featuring him as a Phillie - yet.)

In any event, after a sparsely attended scrimmage on Wednesday night against Florida State, the Phils officially opened their Grapefruit League season with a matinee against the Yankees today. I've TiVo'd the game, and if my professional responsibilities ever go from crazy, madcap levels to manageable levels, I will watch it one day. Doc Halladay, Kyle Kendrick, Jose Contreras and Drew Carpenter each pitched well in their two innings a piece of work as the Phils defeated the Yanks, 3-2.

Over the next 10 games or so, we should expect the starters to receive limited playing time in order to allow Charlie Manuel to review the performances of players on the fringe. With spots on the 25-man roster all but locked up at this point, the Brian Bocock's and DeWayne Wise's of the world need to absolutely set Clearwater on fire this Spring in order to stick with the big club.

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Jenna said...

My favorite post yet! Thank you for the Rheal card. :)