Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1977 Topps #277 1976 N.L. Championship

While some folks will get to travel to Clearwater to take in some sun and Spring Training baseball, I'm fortunate enough to take a quick trip . . . to Cincinnati. This is my third visit to the Queen City, but my first staying within city limits. In my prior two trips, I stayed across the Ohio River in nearby Newport, Kentucky. It's a lovely city, but I'd still rather be in Clearwater.

One of the unwritten rules of this blog is that each post will feature a Phillies baseball card. It's a Phillies blog celebrating Phillies baseball cards, so the rule makes sense. So what's this card doing here? A quick scan of the card shows Pete Rose about to run past Larry Bowa on his way to personally steam rolling the Phillies and leading his Reds to a 3-game sweep in the 1976 NLCS. While this is predominantly a Reds baseball card, I've given it a home within my 1977 Topps Phillies team set.

This brings me to a current dilemma, for which I'm hoping a few fellow set collectors can assist. There are several great cards within the 2010 Topps Heritage set commemorating the 2009 World Series. Problem is, some of these cards don't feature the Phillies at all, just some pinstriped Stormtrooper from the Evil Empire. A prime example is card #311 from the set which features Hideki Matsui on the front, exploiting his heartbreaking Game 6 performance. The back of the card features a Game 6 synopsis. So do these cards belong within my 2010 Topps Heritage Phillies team set?


night owl said...

I don't include any of these types of cards in my Dodger team binder unless a Dodger is prominently displayed. For example, with the '75 set reviewing the '74 World Series, the only card in the Dodger binder is Game 2, which shows nothing but Dodgers.

John Bateman said...

That card is one of the great action shots of the 1970s. Of Course Rose would go on to lead the Phillies to the 1980 world series so that is an easy choice to keep in your collection.

Matsui - No (unless he becomes a Phillie and Wins a World Series)

Jim said...

It's official then. No World Series cards without Phillies will be included within my 2010 Phillies binder.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Looks like Rose is about to give Bowa the Ray Fosse treatment!