Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Chachi Originals #4 Harry Wolverton

Christmas Recap, Part 3 of 4

My Mom gave me a great Phillies book of photos for Christmas, titled, appropriately enough, Phillies Photos: 100 Years of Philadelphia Phillies Images. Mark Stang's book contains 245 black and white photos of various Phillies players, managers, front office personnel and announcers from 1898 through 2008. (I guess technically the book should be called 110 years of Philadelphia Phillies Images, but I digress.) Each photo is accompanied by a brief, insightful biography of the subject featured.

My favorite photos are those from the early 1900s through the 1930s. I've seen these players' names before, but I've rarely seen pictures of what they actually looked like. In the case of Harry Wolverton, who played with the Phillies from 1900 until 1904, I had never heard of nor seen a picture of him. As the last century began, Wolverton was the Phillies' regular third baseman. He's pictured here in the team's winter wear, and I love the interlocking "PBBC" on his breast pocket. (PBBC standing for Philadelphia Baseball Club, of course.)

I highly recommend tracking down Mr. Stang's Phillies book and the publisher (Orange Frazier Press) has put out similar books for the Indians, Cubs, Cardinals, Senators and Athletics. Chances are, I'll feature additional photos from this book in the form of Chachi Originals in future posts.

(Photo of Harry Wolverton is from the Chicago Historical Society's Chicago Daily News negatives collection.)

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