Monday, December 28, 2009

2002 Grandstand Clearwater Phillies #5 Mario Delgado

Christmas Recap, Part 2 of 4

I could have gone with Woodie Fryman for Sheriff Woody from Toy Story, but I decided to represent the new Wii we purchased for Christmas with Mario Delgado here. For the past few nights, Jenna and I have been enjoying our new Wii and we're currently (slightly) addicted to Toy Story Mania and the new Super Mario Bros.

I've created Mii's for our family (including Chachi), all the Beatles and various Christmas favorites. So when I'm playing Wii Baseball, my team consists of Chachi, Ringo Starr and Santa, among others.

We haven't purchased the Beatles Rock Band game yet, but I can see that as a possible birthday gift down the road.

And No Luigi Either: Surprisingly, the Phillies have never had anyone named Mario or Luigi make the big club. While there also haven't been any Buzz's, Woodie Fryman pitched with the Phils from 1968 until 1972, and Woody Woodward was general manager in 1988.

Minor Homage: The 2002 Clearwater team set has always been one of my favorite minor league team sets. It looks like a vertical version of the 1960 Topps design and the backs of the cards are also loosely based on the 1960 design.

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