Thursday, October 1, 2009

2010 Chachi Prototype #JW Jayson Werth

2010: A Chachi Odyssey, Part 11
In which certain contenders are eliminated

The 2010 Chachi Set Planning Committee next eliminated the 1985 Topps set from consideration for the 2010 Chachi set.

Pros: Another great set from my childhood. I like the way the newer Phillies logo looks on this card, and I've tweaked the color of the team name block from the original maroon to the more modern/retro red.

Cons: I guess the design is a little boring. When I was going over the Topps sets I wanted to use for the 2010 Chachi set, I automatically wrote off the '85 set in my mind. Trying to come up with the "cons" of the set, I'm hard pressed to figure out why I was so quick to eliminate the set. However, the committee has spoken and the '85 Topps set goes back into the pile for 2011 consideration.


deal said...

Hey on tonights broadcast/coverage I found out that Coach Pete Mackanin was on the Phils 78 team for a couple o games. Doubt he ever got a card, how bout a 78 or 79 of him?

Jim said...

Nice to see Pete finally make it to a Postseason! Here's his 1979 Burger King card from a previous post: