Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Chachi #70 NLDS Game 4/Ryan Howard

NLDS Game 4 - October 12, 2009
Phillies 5, Rockies 4

Can you believe it? The Phillies defeated the Rockies tonight, taking the series 3-1 and advancing to the NLCS for a rematch with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the course of forty minutes over the last two innings of tonight's game, I went from jubilation to utter dejection back to complete jubilation.

Cliff Lee was just short of masterful tonight. Heading into the 8th inning, he held a 2-1 lead courtesy of a 1st inning home run from Shane Victorino and a 6th inning home run from Jayson Werth. The Phils should have scored more, loading the bases twice in the game but failing to come up with a big hit.

Cliff gave way to Ryan Madson with one out in the 8th. A crucial error by Jimmy Rollins and clutch hitting from Jason Giambi and Yorvit Torrealba allowed the Rockies to tie the game and eventually take a 4-2 lead heading to the top of the 9th. I resigned myself to the fact a Game 5 seemed inevitable.

Fortunately, the Phillies decided they didn't want to head back to Philly just yet. In the top of the 9th, a Jimmy Rollins single, a Chase Utley walk and a huge, game-tying off-the-wall double from Ryan Howard and the dejection from just a few minutes before began to dissipate. Jayson Werth's single to drive home Ryan with the go-ahead run completed the transformation. (At this point, Jenna actually had to ask if I was OK.)

Scott Eyre recorded the first two outs in the bottom of the 9th, Brad Lidge struck out Troy Tulowitzki swinging and I could breathe again. Bring on the Dodgers!


Matt Runyon said...

I turned on the game right after Lee left. After the Rockies scored those runs it seemed like my turning on the game was a curse. Nice comeback at the end, but the bullpen is still scary. Hopefully the starters will be able to go real deep. :)

Jim said...

I'm hoping Brad Lidge has figured out whatever plagued him throughout the regular season.

I'd love to see an 8 or 9 inning performance from Cole Hamels on Thursday.

CK said...


Section 36 said...

Glad to see them pull it out. With the Sox out of it, I'm hoping for the Phils. I'd like to see Pedro get another ring. He's earned it after all those early years in Boston.

Plus, the Phillies aren't the Yankees.

Jim said...

I'd like to see the ALCS go 7 games with at least 4 of the games going 12 innings or more . . .

This will help the Phils once they sweep the Dodgers.

Section 36 said...

ALCS's seem to go seven games a lot lately. You may be n luck.