Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Chachi #64 Strikeout Leaders - Cole Hamels & Joe Blanton

He's only pitched in parts of four seasons so far, but when Cole Hamels reaches 95 strikeouts in 2010, he'll crack the list of all-time Top 10 Phillies strikeout leaders. Granted, his 800+ strikeouts will still be slightly behind Steve Carlton's Phillies mark of 3,031, but his total will still be fairly impressive. This is the third year in a row Cole has led this category for the Phillies, although his leading total of 168 is the lowest leading total since Eric Milton's 161 strikeouts in 2004.

The rest of the 2009 Phillies Top 10 in strikeouts: Joe Blanton (163), J.A. Happ (119), Jamie Moyer (94), Ryan Madson (78), Cliff Lee (74), Chan Ho Park (73), Chad Durbin (62), Brad Lidge (61) and Brett Myers (50).


Section 36 said...

Does it seem odd that 800K's get you top ten in a franchise as old and historic as the Phillies?

Section 36 said... mouth, insert foot. After looking it over, I guess 800 is more than I thought.

Jim said...

I was surprised by the last few guys on the Top 10 list for the Phils - Randy Wolf (971), Brett Myers (936) and Larry Christenson (781).

No surprises at the top of the list - Lefty (3,031), Robin Roberts (1,871), Chris Short (1,585), Curt Schilling (1,554), Grover Cleveland Alexander (1,409), Jim Bunning (1,197), Curt Simmons (1,052).