Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 Chachi #63 Victory Leaders - Blanton, Happ & Moyer

With the team's success this year, it's hard to believe no pitcher had more than 12 wins in 2009. After the trio featured on this team leader card, the rest of the Top 10 Phillies victory leaders were: Cole Hamels (10), Cliff Lee (7), Clay Condrey (6), Ryan Madson (5), Pedro Martinez (5) and Brett Myers (4). Tied for tenth on the team with 3 wins this year were Kyle Kendrick, Rodrigo Lopez and Chan Ho Park. Nothing against Rodrigo, but talk about getting lost in the shuffle after the Pedro and Cliff Lee acquisitions!

Other starting pitcher and victory stuff:
- The Phillies haven't had a 20-game winner since Steve Carlton won 23 games in 1982.
- Recently, the Phils have had their share of years when the team leader in this category had 12 or fewer wins, including: Brett Myers in 2006 (12), Randy Wolf in 2000 (11) and Curt Schilling in 1996 (9). The '96 Phillies were a very bad team.
- The Phillies used 12 starting pitchers in 2009, compared with just 7 in 2008.


Matt Runyon said...

It's rare that a team does this well without at least one 15+ game winner. It definitely was a group effort this year.

Jim from Downingtown said...

The late-season acquisitions of Lee & Martinez took starts (and potential wins) away from the other guys. Same with Myers early exit from, and Happ's late entrance to, the rotation.