Thursday, September 10, 2009

2007 Chachi #18 Zack Segovia UER

Nationals 8, Phillies 7

Nose to the grindstone, I didn't see any of the first eight innings of tonight's game. I checked the score occasionally and my happiness at the quick 2-0 start by the Phils soon dissipated as the Nationals tacked on more and more runs. I checked throughout the evening, but the score just got more and more lopsided in favor of Washington.

Driving home, and listening now on the radio, I gathered from Larry Andersen that sloppy play, a lack of offense (again), and two errors by Jimmy Rollins had contributed to the 8-2 Nationals score.

Finally home, I settled in to watch the final inning. Nationals' reliever (and former Phillie) Zack Segovia started the bottom of the ninth, loaded the bases and allowed a grand slam to pinch-hitter Matt Stairs. Had the Phils pulled off the comeback, you'd be looking at a Matt Stairs baseball card right now instead of Zack's (or Zach's) Chachi card from a few years back. One of the "rules" of this blog is if the Phils lose, a current Phillie's baseball card isn't featured in the post. Unfortunately for Matt, and the Phillies, Ryan Howard weakly grounded into a game-ending double play to squelch the rally and drop the Phils' lead in the NL East to 5 games.

Zack or Zach?: I guess this card could be considered an uncorrected error card, hence the "UER" designation in the title. Back in 2007, depending on which source I checked, Mr. Segovia spelled his first name either with a k or an h. On the Phils' TV broadcast the day of his debut, the graphics throughout the game spelled his name with an h, so that's what I went with for his card. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Pop-Pop said...

We lost, but we had the best uniforms...the Nats, which should be the Senators, wore the ugliest uniys of the year

Jim said...

Those unis were awful! They looked like an amateur softball team.