Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2005 Chachi #33 Ugueth Urbina

2010: A Chachi Odyssey, Part 4

Thus the set was christened the 2005 Chachi set. In mid-June 2005, we had company over and they were given the obligatory tour of The Phillies Room (The Crick's first floor). As their attention turned to the Phillies Wall, one guest innocently queried, "How is it you already have a Ugueth Urbina Phillies baseball card? He was just acquired a few days ago."

I smiled casually as I responded, "Oh that? I make my own baseball cards." That's right casual observer of the Wall, I make my own baseball cards. Others wait for new players to appear on new teams through the usual baseball card channels. I wait for no one. I make my own baseball cards. I expected praise. I expected complete and total fawning over my mad graphic design skills. Instead, I received a skeptical look and a "Hmm, yeah . . . Hey is that a Jim Thome bobble head?"

Undeterred, the set continued to grow. Highlight cards were created to capture memorable moments from the season, team leader cards featured the year's best in terms of offense and pitching and I topped off the entire inaugural set with the only respectable way to end any good baseball card set . . . To be continued.

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