Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1956 Philadelphia Phillies

The 1956 Philadelphia Phillies finished the year with a sub-.500 record (71-83), good enough for 5th place in the National League. (Keep in mind it was only an 8 team league at the time). Stan Lopata was the offensive force in 1956, followed by Del Ennis and Puddin' Head Jones. Richie Ashburn had a typically stellar year as well. The pitching staff was led by Robin Roberts and Curt Simmons.

Listed below are all of the '56 Phils, followed by the number from their '56 Topps card, if they had one.

Mayo Smith, manager (#60)
Benny Bengough, coach
Maje McDonnell, coach
Wally Moses, coach
Whit Wyatt, coach

Starting Line-Up
Stan Lopata, c (#183)
Granny Hamner, ss (#197)
Willie Jones, 3b (#127)
Del Ennis, lf (#220)
Richie Ashburn, cf (#120)
Elmer Valo, rf (#3 with the Athletics)

Pitching Rotation
Harvey Haddix (#77 with the Cardinals)
Saul Rogovin
Stu Miller (#293 with the Cardinals)

The Bench
Jim Greengrass, of (#275)
Solly Hemus, 2b
Andy Seminick, c (#296)
Roy Smalley, ss
Frank Baumholtz, rf (#274)

The Bullpen
Bob Miller (#334)
Jack Meyer (#269)
Ben Flowers
Duane Pillette

Supporting Cast: Glen Gorbous, rf (#174); Bobby Morgan, inf (#337); Ed Bouchee, 1b; Joe Lonnett, c; Bob Bowman, of; Wally Westlake, ph (#81); Mack Burk, c; Jim Owens, p (#114); Murry Dickson, p (#211); Herm Wehmeier, p (#78); Jack Sanford, p; Angelo Lipetri, p; Turk Farrell, p; Bob Ross, p


Pop-Pop said...

Ted Kazanski...for us older fans was called Ted Can't his ski

Jim said...

I can honestly say I've never heard of Marv Blaylock, Saul Rogovin or Ben Flowers.

Pop-Pop said...

That's Can't Hits Kee...

Marv Blaylock one of my will notice he was first TV Card that Santa brought you

Jim said...

Ohhh . . . it's all coming together for me now.