Sunday, February 28, 2021

2021 Phillies Want List

2021 Topps 1951 Topps
Major League All-Stars
Box Topper #51BT-19
As my collecting habits continue to evolve, I'm keeping this want list here as a reminder of which cards I'd eventually like to add to my collection.  Gone are the days when I sought out every Phillies base card, insert, autograph and relic, and now I'm more focused on just the base cards and those Phillies inserts that I find interesting.  (Blue means I've ordered the card and it's on its way.)

The Rookies - 7 Bohm/999
Unleashed - 22 Harper/999

Topps Series 1
Base Variations - 244 S. Howard SP, 250 Harper SP, 250 Harper SSP, 277 Bohm SP, 277 Bohm SSP
1986 Topps Baseball Autographs - Specifically 86A-JKR Kruk, 86A-SR Rolen
1986 Topps Chrome Baseball Silver Pack Promo - 86BC-68 Bohm
Home Run Challenge - HRC-21 Harper

Topps Heritage
Base Variations - 11 Bohm (Action), 13 Harper (Action)
Baseball Flashbacks - BFB-SC Carlton
Baseball Posters - BPB-BH Harper
Then and Now - TN-10 Carlton
Venezuela Stamps - 14 Bohm, 21 Harper

Topps Montgomery Club
Set 2 - 14 Bohm

Topps Now MLB Network Top 100
Main Set - MN-22 Harper, MN-33 Realmuto, MN-52 Nola

Topps Opening Day
Dugout Peeks - DP-11 Harper
Opening Day Origins - ODO-6 Hoskins
Walk This Way - WW-12 McCutchen

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