Sunday, March 3, 2019

Uniform Number Update - 2019 Edition (Version 3)

2019 Topps Heritage #367
For perhaps the final time, I need to update this post due to the recent addition of the Phillies' new right fielder, Bryce Harper.

If you'd like to go back and see where this started, the first post and second post contain all the previously known new uniform numbers.

New Players (Under 60/40-Man Roster Division)

#3 Bryce Harper - In a somewhat surprising but welcome move, Harper won't be taking his familiar #34 with the Phillies.  In his introductory press conference, he immediately made a fantastic impression with the Phillies fans by declaring that #34 belonged to Roy Halladay.  He'll start his Phillies legacy with #3, which had started this spring with outfield coach Paco Figueroa before going to non-roster invitee Sean Rodriguez and finally ending up with Harper.

Number Swaps
Rodriguez, who apparently has a decent shot at making the club, has switched to #13, which became available once Manny Machado signed with the Padres.  Trevor Plouffe, back in town as a non-roster invitee, saw the #10 he wore last season go to J.T. Realmuto so he's now wearing #80.

Numbers Available - Unofficially Retired Division
#6 Ryan Howard
#11 Jimmy Rollins
#26 Chase Utley
#34 Roy Halladay

Number (Still) Available - Keuchel Division
#60 - It's still odd that this number hasn't been assigned and Dallas Keuchel remains a free agent.  👀

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