Wednesday, March 20, 2019

2018 Phillies Want List

2018 Topps Heritage High Numbers Classic Combos #CC-4
Somehow I managed to make it through all of last year without posting a 2018 Phillies baseball card want list.  I publish these posts mainly as a reference for me to pull up on my phone as I'm searching eBay or going through newer Phillies cards at baseball card shows.

This isn't an all-exclusive list of 2018 Phillies cards I need, but rather it's a list of Phillies cards from 2018 sets that I'd like to eventually add to my collection.

Bowman Chrome
Main Set - 3 Kingery, 22 Nola, 25 Hoskins, 28 Herrera, 35 Williams, 65 Crawford
Prospects - BCP153 De Los Santos, BCP164 Seabold, BCP178 Sanchez, BCP210 Moniak

Donruss Optic
Main Set - 38 Hoskins
Rated Rookies Retro 1984 - 8 Hoskins, 12 Williams, 14 Crawford

Base Variations - 259 Hoskins
Future Stars - FS-8 Williams
Silver Pack 1983 Chrome Promo - 69 Williams

Topps Archives
Fan Favorites Autographs - FFA-RH Hoskins

Topps Heritage
1969 Team Poster - 69P-PP Phillies
Real One Autographs - ROA-AN Nola, ROA-JC Crawford, ROA-RH Hoskins, ROA-SK Kingery

Topps Now
Offseason - OS45 Hoskins/417
Player's Weekend Bonus - PWB-41 Hunter/28, PWB-42 Ramos/16

Topps On Demand
'78 Four Player Rookies - R4 Hoskins
3D - 2 Nola, 47 Arrieta, 50 Kingery, 74 Bour, 64 Hoskins
3D Motion - M7 Nola, M30 Hoskins
Black & White - 28 HoskinsDynamic Duals Award Winners - AW4 Carlton
Dynamic Duals Dominant Duos - 4 Hoskings/Kingery
Dynamic Duals Hall of Fame - HOF5 Fingers/Carlton
Dynamic Duals Youngsters - YG1 Hoskins
Rookie Sensations - 14 Kingery, 16 Hoskins, 18 Crawford
Rookie Sensations Photo Variations - 16 Hoskins
Rookie Sensations Rookie Teammates - RT2 Hoskins/Kingery

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