Friday, April 20, 2018

Tax Day Spoils from My Favorite Client (and Happy Birthday Mom!)

1933 Goudey #28
1933 Goudey #136
1934 Goudey #91
My Mom's tax return isn't necessarily that complex or difficult to navigate, yet somehow I reap the biggest rewards from annually preparing it.  Her payment for tax return preparation services has traditionally come in the form of vintage Phillies baseball cards and this year she decided to check a few cards off my 1930s Phillies Want List.

I'm two cards closer to a complete 1933 Goudey Phillies team set with the addition of these cards of Dick Bartell and Flint Rhem.  The back of Bartell's card notes that he's a "mighty good shortstop and also a dangerous batter."  Bartell made his first All-Star team in 1933 and he was the regular shortstop for the four seasons (1931-1934) he played with the Phillies.

This is the first card in my collection for Rhem, a pitcher for the Phillies for parts of two seasons in 1932 and 1933.  The bulk of his 12-year career was spent with the Cardinals.

The Dolph Camilli card from the 1934 Goudey set gets me to the half-way point with that four-card Phillies team set.  I had to break this card out of its graded PSA slab, and it seems happy to be able to breath again.  Camilli began the 1934 season with the Cubs before a trade on June 11th sent him to the Phillies.

1936 National Chicle Fine Pens (R313) Camilli / Jurges
Finally, my Mom tracked down what may not at first appear to be a Phillies card.  This is from the 1936 National Chicle Fine Pen Premiums (R313) set featuring an action shot of Camilli applying a diving tag on Cubs shortstop Billy Jurges.

According to our crack research team and after spending some time navigating through Baseball Reference . . . the play appears to be from May 18, 1935 when the Cubs hosted the Phillies at Wrigley Field.  Camilli was playing first that day and in the fifth inning Jurges drew a walk against Phillies pitcher Bucky Walters.  The box score shows that catcher Jimmie Wilson made the throw to pick off Jurges, first base umpire Dolly Stark made the call and thus, "Camilli catches Jurges off first."

I'd also like to wish my Mom a very happy birthday as she just recently celebrated her big day surrounded by friends and family.  Happy birthday Mom!


DMA said...

Beautiful cards!

Fuji said...

My CPA is a fellow Seahawks fan. Maybe I'll try to pay him in Russell Wilson rookie cards next year.

P.S. Cool cards. Your mom sure knows how to pick 'em.