Saturday, March 11, 2017

1995 Pinnacle #83 Milt Thompson

Yankees 5, Phillies 0
Spring Training Game 15 - Friday Afternoon, March 10th in Clearwater
Record - 6-7-2

One Sentence Summary:  The Phillies left 17 runners on base in this 5-0 loss to the Yankees.

What It Means:  The Phillies have lost three in a row as they've been unable to produce at the plate. This is something that has plagued the team for several seasons now.

What Happened:  Clay Buchholz allowed three runs in 3 1/3 innings, striking out six.  Tommy Joseph and Rhys Hoskins each had two hits in this game.

Featured Card:  I've been slowly working on updating a checklist in Excel of my entire Phillies baseball card collection.  This move was necessitated by the lack of updates and overall unreliability in recent months of Zistle, which apparently was sued by and then eventually acquired by Beckett. I exported my collection from Zistle, and my Excel checklist has allowed me to customize the tracking of my collection in ways I couldn't in Zistle.  I can add notes, the date I acquired the card, even the date the card was featured on The Phillies Room.  As I go through this process, I often wonder why I didn't do this sooner.  (This post from last August summarizes the genesis of my migration from Zistle to my own custom Excel schedule.)

At some point, I may share the file out on Google Drive to help other fellow Phillies collectors with their collections.  I owe the proprietor of the gone but not forgotten 14,000 Phillies blog for providing a nice model to build from in creating my spreadsheet.

I've worked my way backwards with my checklist file, starting with my 2016 Phillies cards and making it all the way through my 1995 Phillies binder at this point.  As I was recently updating the file for my 1995 cards, I came across this card of former Phillies player and coach Milt Thompson. Three thoughts came to mind:

1.  This is a cool card.
2.  This isn't even technically a Phillies card.  It's an Astros card as Thompson was traded to Houston on July 31, 1994.  The little gold logo in the bottom right is an Astros logo and the card back mentions Thompson's trade to the Astros.
3.  I should show this card on my blog when there's a boring Phillies loss and I can't figure out a card of a current player to show.  So here it is.

Camp Head Count:  Still holding at 62, with the first roster trimmings most likely coming any day now.


Anonymous said...

I own that Milt Thompson card - it's a long-time favorite - and I don't think I ever realized it was technically an Astros card.

Congrats on getting your spreadsheet up and running, I'm glad it's working out for you. Even though I never used Zistle, what Beckett did still sticks in my craw. I wish I could boycott them, but as Beckett's never gotten my money in the first place a boycott would be meaningless.

Just a thought... You might want to add a "notes" column to your spreadsheet, if you don't already have one. I find it's helpful for cards like this one, where you might have it on your want list and can leave a note to remind you why it's a want.

Section 36 said...

Great job with the spreadsheet. I may need to steal that idea at some point.

Jim said...

TSR - So far, and I may add to these, the fields in my spreadsheet are:

- Year
- Set
- Category (Manufacturer or Minors or Oddball)
- Subset
- Number
- Name
- Team
- Autograph
- Relic
- Numbered
- Size
- Notes
- Card Date (for Topps Now, postseason cards, etc. for specific games)
- Tribute Year (1968 for 2017 Topps Heritage)
- Date Released
- Date Added
- The Phillies Room Appearance

S36 - Highly recommended!