Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Chachi #67 Home Run Leaders - Howard, Franco, Joseph

I toyed with the idea of just having Ryan Howard and Maikel Franco on this team home run leaders card, but I really wanted to also include Tommy Joseph.  Joseph's appearance on this card is made all the more impressive by the fact that he wasn't even on the team's list of non-roster invitees in spring training and he didn't get the call to the Majors until mid-May.

Howard has appeared on his share of Chachi Home Run Leaders cards throughout his career (see below), and this will mark his final appearance.  For those reasons, and because I really like the smiling picture of The Big Piece from his final spring training photo day, he got top billing on the card over Franco.

Memory Lane - Chachi Home Run Leaders Cards
2005 - Pat Burrell, 32
2006 - Ryan Howard, 58
2007 - Ryan Howard, 47
2008 - Ryan Howard, 48
2009 - Ryan Howard, 45
2010 - Ryan Howard, 31
2011 - Ryan Howard, 33
2012 - Jimmy Rollins, 23
2013 - Domonic Brown, 27
2014 - Marlon Byrd, 25
2015 - Ryan Howard, 23 (no card created)
2016 - Maikel Franco & Ryan Howard, 25

Clicking on the years above will take you to the post featuring prior home run leaders cards.  Only the 2005 Home Run Leaders card has never appeared on this blog . . . until now!

2005 Chachi #53

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