Thursday, March 24, 2016

1947-1952 Baseball Player Charms - Del Ennis

Fellow collector Eric Mace (@erocmace) recently alerted me to a oddball Del Ennis item for sale on eBay.  I checked it out, negotiated a little with the seller and the item arrived a few weeks ago.  My Dad's favorite players were Ennis and Dick Sisler, and I'm gradually putting together a comprehensive collection of both player's Phillies cards and related collectibles.

I had never seen this particular Ennis item before, and I was honestly a little surprised when I initially took it out of its mailing envelope.  It's small.  It's very, very small.  I hadn't read the item's description closely in the seller's original listing, where it clearly indicates that the "charm/pin/coin" is about 3/4" x 1 1/4".  I guess I was expecting something the size of a vintage Bowman card or maybe something no bigger than a 1951 Topps Red Back card.  So that you can appreciate the smallness of this charm/pin/coin, I've pictured it here on top of Ryan Howard's 2016 Topps card.

So what is this?

The Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards actually has a listing for the set from which I believe this charm/pin/coin to be from.  Ennis appears to be the only Phillies player in the "set" and I've included the set's listing from the Catalog below.  There's no mention of the set in the online Beckett database.

Even though it's smaller than anticipated, I'm still happy to have this oddball Ennis item in my collection.  Thanks again Eric for the head's up!

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