Friday, February 19, 2016

Even Newer Uniform Numbers - 2016 New Numbers, Part Two

2016 Chachi Preview #4
Despite my recent Twitter plea, the Phillies still haven't updated their website's team roster page for their newer players' numbers.  Thankfully, @brismitty came through and sent me the final uniform numbers needed to update the 40-man roster and the non-roster invitees.

This summary finishes what was started in this initial post.

New Players - Under 60 Division
#3 Davd Lough - I had thought Cedric Hunter would wind up with this number, but that was before the Phillies had signed Lough.  The new outfielder takes the number worn by Jeff Francoeur last season.

New Players - Over 60 Division
#62 Bobby LaFromboise
#64 Cedric Hunter
#70 Yoervis Medina
#82 Taylor Featherston

Other Stuff - As suspected, Angelys Nina will take #76, leaving Brock Stassi with #78 all to himself.  Also, assistant coach Jorge Velandia will return to his non-field position in 2016, leaving his #61 to non-roster pitcher Greg Burke.

Numbers Available - As has been the case for the Phillies in recent years, they'll do everything to avoid assigning numbers of greats who have recently departed.  For that reason #11 (Jimmy Rollins), #26 (Chase Utley) and #35 (Cole Hamels) have yet to be reassigned and they most likely won't be in 2016.  The only other non-retired uniform number available between 1 and 80 is #69, which according to Baseball Reference has never been worn by a Phillies player.

Memory Lane
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Camp Head Count - We're officially at 66, although pitcher Matt Harrison has been excused from camp as he will not pitch in 2016.  The 66 players is the highest number since 62 players reported to camp in 2013.

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