Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lefty Russell Added as First Non-Roster Invitee

2015 Topps #255
I'm sure I've mentioned this before on this blog, but I've always thought Non-Roster Invitees would make a fantastic band name.

At this point in the young offseason, the Phillies have one non-roster invitee - left-handed reliever James Russell who had a 5.29 ERA in 49 games with the Cubs last season.  Russell has been a relatively effective reliever since coming up with the Cubs in 2010, but he had an off year last season. Russell came up with the Cubs and was swapped to the Braves at last season's trade deadline.  The Braves released him at the end of spring training and he signed back with the Cubs.

As I've done the past several seasons, I'll track the team's non-roster invitees as they're added.

Player (position) - 2015 Organization - Last Major Baseball Card Appearance
1.  James Russell (lhp) - Cubs - 2015 Topps #255 (Braves)

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