Monday, November 23, 2015

7th Annual @Section_36 Purge & Cards for Doug's Sets

2006 Bowman Gold #91
2006 Fleer Tradition #132
2006 Fleer Ultra #193
2006 Upper Deck First Pitch #148
One of the cool things about receiving a package from Section 36 is that I'm never expecting it.  I was away last week for a work conference and upon my return, sitting among a pile of bills and Christmas catalogs was a 300 count box with a Section 36 return address label.  As has been the tradition now for seven years, I was the lucky recipient of the annual purge of Phillies cards that had reached their 10 year expiration date.  Upon opening the box, I found a bunch of 2006 Phillies cards and I was instantly transported back to those pre-glory days right before the Phillies hit their five year franchise high mark.

There were quite a few cards from 2006 that I needed for my collection, and the others have already found their way to Doug's "Vintage Phillies" binder.  Yes, 2006 is vintage to an eight-year-old.

Speaking of Doug, the box contained small stacks of cards needed for Doug's 2014 Topps Update and 2015 Topps Archives sets, including his first high number card (#308 Gary Sheffield) from Topps Archives.  Doug's lists are now up to date although I'll be holding off on taking on any more trades until we see what Santa leaves under the tree this year.

2015 Topps Stadium
Club Gold #37
2015 Topps First Home Run
Relics #FHRR-MS
2015 Topps Heritage
Mini #490
2015 Topps
Archives #88
My favorite three cards in the box happen to be cards from 2015.  I'm grateful that Section 36 sent these cards my way now instead of making me wait for the 2025 purge.  I don't actively pursue parallel Phillies cards, but I'm always happy to add these to my collection.  The Mike Schmidt relic card was the highlight of the bunch, and it quickly became one of my favorite cards in my entire 2015 Phillies binder.  The Cole Hamels mini from this year's Topps Heritage set and the gold Stadium Club Carlos Ruiz cards are also welcome additions.

Doug and I are going to be pulling together some Sox cards to send north to show our gratitude. Thanks again Section 36 and here's hoping our teams' respective rebuilds have us both enjoying the postseason again soon.

Memory Lane - Section 36 Purge


Section 36 said...

Glad the cards all found a good home!

Jim said...

Most definitely. It's funny to realize that cards and players from 2006 are "old" in the mind of an 8-year-old. He's already put away all the cards you've sent for his sets too.