Saturday, October 31, 2015

Phillies Missing Links of the 1980s - #13 Bill Scherrer

William Joseph Scherrer
Relief Pitcher

Lanky, lefty reliever Bill Scherrer was with the Phillies organization in 1988 for a little over a month. Brought into the organization on June 25th, he had a rough go of it out of the bullpen for eight games before being released on August 1st.

When the Phillies signed Scherrer, I remembered him as one of the relievers on the 1984 Tigers team that defeated the Padres in the World Series.  But perhaps his best season was the year before when he went 2-3 with a 2.74 ERA over 73 games with the 1983 Reds.

Scherrer's short-time within the Phillies organization means I haven't been able to find any photographic proof of his time with the club.  I'm not thrilled with the card I've created for him, and I'd welcome the chance to give him a better Phillies card if and when a better Phillies picture ever presents itself.  I made an even clumsier attempt at a Scherrer Phillies card a few years back, using his photo from his 1985 Topps card.

Bats:  Left  Throws:  Left  Height:  6'4"  Weight:  170
Born:  January 20, 1958, Tonawanda, NY
Drafted:  Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 1st round of the 1977 amateur draft, January 11, 1977.
Major League Teams:  Cincinnati Reds 1982-1984, Detroit Tigers 1984-1986, Cincinnati Reds 1987, Baltimore Orioles 1988, Phillies 1988
Professional Affiliations:  Cincinnati Reds 1977-1984, Detroit Tigers 1984-1986, Cincinnati Reds 1987, Baltimore Orioles 1988, Phillies 1988, Chicago Cubs 1988, San Francisco Giants 1988, New York Mets 1989, Texas Rangers 1989

Phillies Career
8 games, 0-0, 5.40 ERA in 6 2/3 innings
Acquired:  Signed as a free agent formerly with the Baltimore Orioles, June 25, 1988.
Debut:  July 5, 1988 - Pitched an inning against the Braves in a 10-5 blow-out loss.
Final Game:  July 28, 1988
Departed:  Released on August 1, 1988, and signed with the Chicago Cubs organization on August 8, 1988.

1984 Donruss #203
1984 Topps #373
1987 Topps #98
0 Scherrer Baseball Cards in My Collection
First Card:  N/A
Last Card:  N/A

Other Baseball Cards
First Mainstream Card:  1984 Donruss #203
First Topps Base Card:  1984 Topps #373
Last Mainstream Card:  1987 Topps #98
Other Notable Cards:  1985 Topps #586, 1986 Topps #217, 1988 CMC Rochester Red Wings #9

Sources:  Baseball Reference and The Trading Card Database

This is a continuing series looking at those players who spent time with the Phillies but possess no baseball card proof of their time in Philadelphia.  I will make my way through the decade of the 1980s first and then work my way forward.  In some cases, the First and Last Mainstream cards listed above have been subjectively chosen if multiple cards were released in that year.


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