Friday, July 31, 2015

Cole Hamels Topps Gallery - #ThankYouCole

After months/years of speculation, and having to endure what seemed like close to 50 final starts, Cole Hamels is officially no longer a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Similar to the tribute I paid to Jimmy Rollins back in December, here are all the Topps base cards for one of the greatest pitchers in Phillies history.  It was a pleasure to watch him pitch and we'll be forever grateful for his performance in the 2008 postseason.

2003 Topps #671
2005 Topps #689
2006 Topps Update #UH145
2007 Topps #55
2008 Topps #35
2009 Topps #650
2010 Topps #70
2011 Topps #460
2012 Topps #190
2013 Topps #332
2014 Topps #196
2015 Topps #10


Zippy Zappy said...

Gotta give Raj credit, the haul the Phillies got for Hamels is just what the Phillies farm system needed.

That said as a Yankees prospect nut I can't help but feel like kind of package Raj/the Phillies FO supposedly asked from the Yankees for Hamels was pretty small compared to what Hamels actually ended up being trade for. Almost like they were just used as leverage, hmm... ;).

Also, I just love how the team Hamels ended up being sent to were a team with little to no playoff aspirations for 2015.

Steve F. said...

Nice display of Cole's main Topps cards there. I always liked the first one taken at the Vet. Also, back in the day (1970s and before) that 2005 card would have had some value--a rookie card showing both Howard and Hamels!

Jim said...

My favorite part about the Hamels trade is that the Phillies won't have to face him until 2017. With the Interleague rotation, they got the A.L. West last year, A.L. East in 2015 and (I assume) the A.L. Central in 2016.