Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Doug!

It's hard to believe, but Doug turns eight today!

I'm convinced that our township is secretly plotting against me since they placed Doug on the Braves last season and on the Marlins this past spring.  If he somehow ends up on the Mets for the 2015 season, I'm going to need to come to terms with not only having a Mets hat in my house but having to root for the Mets (at least the Little League version) throughout the baseball season.

In any event, I continue to be amazed by this terrific kid and I'm so proud to be his Dad.

Happy birthday Doug!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Doug!

For 2015 you need to sign Doug up with a youth league that uses Minor League names and caps, so you'd only have to deal with him being a Chihuahua or Blue Wahoo.

Jim said...

That's a fantastic idea! The whole idea of using Major League team names and hats is a new concept for me.

Back in my day . . . I played on Holly City Insulation and the Airworkers' Union. We had the blue team, the red team, the green team, etc. Kids these days . . .