Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Chachi #65 Batting Leaders - Revere & Utley

The Phillies have been very quiet so far this offseason, which has allowed me to focus on my project of documenting the team issued sets issued over the past 60 years.  I thought I'd take a short weekend break from my project and cleanse the palette with a leaders card from the past season.

Ben Revere ran away with the team's batting title this year, although his average dipped at the end from its high water mark of .316 on September 5th.  Here's the complete list of six players who had enough qualifying at-bats this past season to be considered for the title.  How many of these guys will still be on the roster following this coming week's Winter Meetings in San Diego?

1.  Ben Revere - .306
2.  Chase Utley - .270
3.  Marlon Byrd - .264
4.  Jimmy Rollins - .243
5.  Domonic Brown - .235
6.  Ryan Howard - .223

Programming Note:  The Phillies Room will be mainly on auto-pilot for a few days beginning mid-week as we take some time to prepare for the upcoming holidays.  If needed, I'm ready and willing to fly to San Diego to assist the team's current management with suggested player moves.

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