Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2010 Phillies Team Issue - 2nd Edition

Number of Cards:  38
Card Size:  4" x 6"
Description:  The card fronts feature a red and blue tie-dyeish border around full color photos in what has to be one of the more unique designs ever for these team issued sets.  The horizontal card backs feature biographical information and complete career statistics.
How Distributed:  For the first time ever, the Phillies completely changed up the design of its team issued set mid-season.  They've done this every year since through the 2014 season.  The 38-card set was available for sale at Citizens Bank Park beginning at some point in August, following the acquisition of Roy Oswalt from the Astros.

Complete Standard Checklist:  The cards are unnumbered, but I've presented them below ordered by uniform number.
  • 2 - Sam Perlozzo CO
  • 3 - Ross Gload
  • 6 - Ryan Howard
  • 7 - Juan Castro
  • 8 - Shane Victorino
  • 9 - Domonic Brown
  • 10 - Ben Francisco
  • 11 - Jimmy Rollins
  • 15 - Davey Lopes CO
  • 16 - J.C. Romero
  • 17 - Mick Billmeyer CO
  • 19 - Greg Dobbs
  • 21 - Wilson Valdez
  • 22 - Pete Mackanin CO
  • 23 - Brian Schneider
  • 25 - Milt Thompson CO
  • 26 - Chase Utley
  • 27 - Placido Polanco
  • 28 - Jayson Werth
  • 29 - Raul Ibanez
  • 30 - Rich Dubee CO
  • 34 - Roy Halladay
  • 35 - Cole Hamels
  • 37 - Chad Durbin
  • 38 - Kyle Kendrick
  • 41 - Charlie Manuel MG
  • 43 - J.A. Happ
  • 44 - Roy Oswalt
  • 46 - Ryan Madson
  • 50 - Jamie Moyer
  • 51 - Carlos Ruiz
  • 52 - Jose Contreras
  • 54 - Brad Lidge
  • 55 - Danys Baez
  • 56 - Joe Blanton
  • 57 - David Herndon
  • 58 - Antonio Bastardo
  • Phillie Phanatic
One and Done (0)
First Appearances (3):  Brown, Oswalt, Valdez
Returning Players (27):  Baez, Bastardo, Blanton, Castro, Contreras, Dobbs, Durbin, Francisco, Gload, Halladay, Hamels, Happ, Herndon, Howard, Ibanez, Kendrick, Lidge, Madson, Moyer, Polanco, Rollins, Romero, Ruiz, Schneider, Utley, Victorino, Werth

The First Appearance designation is for players who have never before appeared within a Phillies team issued set.  These players may have already appeared on other Phillies baseball cards.

Manager (1):  Manuel
Coaches (6):  Billmeyer, Dubee, Lopes, Mackanin, Perlozzo, Thompson
Phillie Phanatic (1)
Broadcasters (0)
Commemorative Cards (0)

Variations/Rarities:  As pointed out in a comment to an earlier post, Phillies collector Steve has noted the existence of late/off season cards for pitcher Scott Mathieson.  I recently added the Mathieson card to my collection and it has the Phillies logo on the back and a 2011 copyright date.

There was a similar card issued for bullpen catcher Jesus Tiamo and Paul points out in his comment below that Juan Samuel (who joined the coaching staff prior to the 2011 season) also has a blank backed card.
  • 12 - Juan Samuel CO
  • 18 - Greg Gross
  • 47 - Scott Mathieson
  • 81 - Jesus Tiamo CO
Steve also notes the existence of a blank-backed Victorino card.

In March 2017, Steve added a Greg Gross card to his collection in the style of this set also featuring a Phillies logo on the back.

Also See:  Here's the set summary for the first edition set, and here's my original post from August 27, 2010, covering the release of this second edition set.
Trivia:  The Phillies dropped the broadcasters' card found in the first edition and added cards for Brown, Oswalt and Valdez to the second edition.  Other than those moves, the checklists for the two editions are identical.  Strangely enough, Happ is still in the set even though he was one of the players traded to the Astros in the Oswalt deal.  Castro is also in the set again, despite having been released in July a few weeks prior to Brown's promotion and the acquisition of Oswalt.
Resources:  The Trading Card Database


Steve F. said...

I'm blanking on where I mentioned the Worley, but perhaps I did.

I do have Mathieson though. The Mathieson is actually signed by him and has a blank back (or nearly blank back--it may have had a copyright date and Phillies logo), right?

I saw, but unfortunately didn't purchase at the time, a similarly blank-backed card of Shane Victorino that was actually signed. I don't know whether the Phillies made them up for autograph requests, or maybe meet-and-greets in the HOF Club. There's only one person who will know, and also whether there were others...paging Rick!

Unknown said...

The logo backs like the Mathieson, Victorino are a complete mystery to me. They showed up at the Holiday Sale in groups of 5 cards for $2 the last few years (I didn't go this year). I talked to the head of merchandising who is the one who determines who to include in Set 1 and if there is a set 2. Merchandising is the group that did the alumni event postcards from 2007 and beyond. He told me had no clue where these other variations came from. I would assume they came from the PR or corporate sales groups as giveaways for some events. I talked with the person who runs the charity events such as the Holiday sale of equipment and she told me that she wasn't sure of the source that produced them. Jim: I think when you assemble these lists you have to understand that some were sold as sets, some were made specifically for auto requests and have facsimiles, some were made for players to respond to auto requests that weren't in the set and some seem totally random. They are all "team issued" but getting all of the ones made is hard because some weren't released at all (i.e. Tekulve alumni postcard for signing that was cancelled, Dick Allen appearance at ALS that was cancelled due to illness and Schneider postcard for Majestic Store cancelled by weather). Some leak out.

Steve F. said...

Interesting, Rick. If the people who make the cards don't know how they got out (or even exactly what got out), I suppose the rest of us may never get to the bottom of it!

Jim said...

Steve - The Mathieson card has a Phillies logo and a 2011 copyright on the back. And I think I made up the Worley card. I'm going to remove it from the checklist for now.

Rick - I agree with Steve's second comment . . . We may never have a full list, but it's fun trying to put these things together. I'm keeping these variations/rarities separate from the regular checklist and I'll keep adding them as they come up.

Unknown said...

I recently acquired a Juan Samuel card from this team issued set with just a head shot, and a blank back with just the Phillies logo and a 2011 copyright aswell. It seems like this blank back trend continued with the 2011 set as I have cards for Dontrelle Willis and Lance Nix that were purchased at the Holiday sale.

Jim said...

Thanks Paul! I've added the Samuel card to the rarities/variations checklist.

Steve F. said...

I just found a new card--Greg Gross as a coach. He replaced Milt Thompson on July 22, presumably after this went to print. He is wearing a batting practice jersey and is on the field, i.e., not a posed shot like the Samuel card. It is signed and has the Phillies logo on the back. The beat goes on!

Jim said...

Thanks Steve. I've added the Greg Gross card to the Variations/Rarities section.