Sunday, May 25, 2014

Updating the Phillies No-Hitter Blob List

1978 Hostess #71
Dodgers 6, Phillies 0
Game 47 - Sunday Afternoon, May 25th in Philadelphia
Record - 21-26, Tied for 4th Place, 6 games behind the Braves

One Sentence Summary:  Josh Beckett pitched a no-hitter against the hapless Phillies as the Dodgers won, 6-0.

What It Means:  This was the first regular season no-hitter in the ten-year history of Citizens Bank Park and the first no-hitter thrown against the Phillies since the Expos' Bill Stoneman did it back on April 17, 1969.  Roy Halladay owns the first overall no-hitter thrown at the ballpark, but he did it in the postseason in game one of the 2010 N.L.D.S. against the Reds.

Also, is this the lowest point of the season for the Phillies or is that yet to come?

What Happened:  The Phillies offense looked clueless the entire afternoon and there weren't many hard hit balls or balls that came close to being base hits.  Chase Utley struck out looking to end the game and seal Beckett's place in history.

Featured Cards:  Not counting Pascual Perez's rain-shortened, five-inning no-hitter against the Phillies back on September 9, 1988, there have been ten no-hitters thrown against the Phillies since 1960.  In honor of Dodgers' fan Night Owl and his self-coined baseball definition of The Blob, here are the last ten no-hitters thrown against the Phillies and the Phillies player to have made the last out in each of those games, aka The Blob.  Utley replaces Larry Bowa as the most recent Phillies No-Hitter Blob.

2014 Topps Heritage #119
8/18/60 - Lew Burdette, at Milwaukee - Bobby Smith flew out to right field
9/16/60 - Warren Spahn, at Milwaukee - Bobby Malkmus grounded out to short
5/17/63 - Don Nottebart, at Houston - Wes Covington flew out to left field
6/4/64 - Sandy Koufax, vs. Los Angeles - Bobby Wine struck out swinging
7/29/68 - George Culver, vs. Cincinnati - Cookie Rojas popped out to first
4/17/69 - Bill Stoneman, vs. Montreal - Deron Johnson grounded out to short
7/20/70 - Bill Singer, at Los Angeles - Byron Browne popped out to catcher
4/16/72 - Burt Hooten, at Chicago - Greg Luzinski struck out
4/16/78 - Bob Forsch, at St. Louis - Larry Bowa grounded out to third
5/25/14 - Josh Beckett, vs. Los Angeles - Chase Utley struck out looking

Transaction:  Prior to the game, Cody Asche was placed on the disabled list with a hamstring injury and reliever Justin De Fratus was recalled from the IronPigs.


Jim from Downingtown said...

Most of them are between 1960 and 1972. I thought the Phillies were supposed to be out of the Dark Ages. Thanks, Amaro!

Dan said...

i think the announcers said it best, the no-hitter narrative covered up an extraordinarily sloppily played game on offense and defense. 23 set down in a row? that's shameful.

Jim said...

It's amazing this team is only five games under .500 given the product they've run out there so far this season.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a little about the Stoneman no-no last week... It was the 9th game in Expos history.

I have to admit, I enjoyed watching the highlights online, just as a bit of schadenfreude... especially after watching the Mets and groaning at least once per half-inning.

Section 36 said...

Low point? Well, the Red Sox just finished a ten-game losing streak. So, I'd be pretty pleased with only being no-hit.