Friday, April 25, 2014

Phillies at Diamondbacks: April 25th to April 27th

Friday 9:40, Saturday 8:10 and Sunday 4:10 
Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

At the Ballpark:  Now this is intriguing.  Tonight is "Zombie Night" at the ballpark.  I can't really do this justice with my own summary, so here's the entire description of Zombie Night from the Diamondbacks' website:

On Saturday night, the first 20,000 fans will receive a bobble head of Diamondbacks starting pitcher and 2013 All-Star Patrick Corbin.

Programming Note:  The Phillies Room staff and series preview production department is currently away on spring break.  As such, these crucial game preview posts are lacking any current won-loss records, pitching probables and Phillies team leaders.  We will return to business as usual next week.

1988 Topps #518
1988 Topps Appreciation:  Greg Gross is the definition of a baseball lifer.  Drafted by the Astros in 1970, he's spent most (if not all) of the past 43 seasons in baseball.  From his Baseball Reference page, and a Phillies Media Guide from a few years ago, here's his baseball path since being drafted:

Houston Astros, 1970-1976
Chicago Cubs, 1977-1978
Phillies, 1979-1988
Houston Astros, 1989
Out of baseball, 1990-1991
High school coach at Malvern Prepartory School, 1992-1994
Colorado Rockies minor league hitting coach, 1997-2000
Phillies bench and hitting coach, 2001-2004
Phillies minor league hitting coach, 2005-2010
Phillies hitting coach, 2010-2012
Arizona Diamondbacks minor league hitting coach, 2013-2014

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