Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Ben!

They say that time flies when you're having fun, and that's definitely been the case over the past four years with our youngest son Ben.  The little dude turns four today, and I couldn't be prouder of how smart, kind and gentle he is.

Happy birthday Ben and we can't wait to celebrate your big day!

Memory Lane
2010 - Welcome Ben!
2010 - Ben is born, Roy Halladay wins, all is right with the world
2011 - Ben turns one as Roy Oswalt pitches the Phillies past the Padres
2012 - Happy 2nd Birthday Ben!
2013 - Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!


Steve F. said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! Another year of not having to share your birthday with any notable Phillies events.... Great baseball card too!

There being no other place for me to mention this, my oldest was born during a Phillies MNF victory at Giants stadium. Donovan McNabb scrambled for the winning TD with a couple minutes to go, and my wife, daughter and I watched in the hospital room. My daughter missed the first 9 minutes of the game, being not yet born, but she did get to see the end of it at least. I was talking to my grandfather about his brand new second grandchild when suddenly he interrupted, saying "Wait, are you watching this game?" as McNabb was running it in for the winning TD!

All that is meant to say, I hope Ben has some good Phillies games occur on his birthdays. Maybe a big Flyers win tonight as well.

Jim said...

Great story Steve!