Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 Chachi #7 Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Joaquin Ruiz

Bats:  Right  Throws:  Right  Height:  5'10"  Weight:  206
Born:  January 22, 1979, David Chiriqui, Panama
Home:  David Chiriqui, Panama
Signed:  Signed as an amateur free agent, December 4, 1998
Teams:  Phillies 2006-
Acquired:  Via free agency

Phillies Cards in My Collection:  
#1 - 2006 Topps 52 #139
#103 - 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen #204

First Chachi Card:  2006 Chachi #33


Anonymous said...

I've got to say, I'm enjoying the 2014 Chachi set, but I'm also enjoying the older Chachi cards as well... A lot of them were from before I discovered The Phillies Room, so they're new to me.

Maybe for your 10th anniversary you should start a "Chachi Heritage" set. :-D

Jim said...

That's a fantastic idea!