Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 TSR Custom #114 Kyle Kendrick

Yankees 4, Phillies 3
Spring Training Game 9 - Thursday Afternoon, March 6th in Clearwater
Record - 1-7-1

One Sentence Summary:  Despite home runs from Freddy Galvis, Carlos Ruiz and John Mayberry, Jr., the Phillies still lost to the Yankees, 4-3.

What Happened:  In a game delayed at the outset by torrential rains, the Phillies lost yet again.  They join the Braves and the Red Sox as the only three teams at this point in the exhibition season with only one win.  Starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick allowed just a run in his three innings of work.  Relievers Jeremy Horst and Phillippe Aumont continued their spring struggles with mediocre outings.

Featured Card:  Kendrick has suddenly become an important cog in the team's starting pitching rotation as Cole Hamels has been shut down with "arm fatigue".  Kendrick figures to be the third starter in the rotation to start the season behind Cliff Lee and A.J. Burnett.

While everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of Topps Heritage, the packs that I'd really love to see in my local Target are the 2014 TSR Baseball wax packs.  The crack design and production crew over at The Shlabotnik Report have created a fantastic looking set of cards this year, with a design that rivals anything recently offered by Topps.  This is a set I would gladly save up my allowance money for, and just scrolling through the first pack of 2014 TSR Baseball was exciting.  As much as I loved the design for last year's set, I actually like this year's design even more.

The lone Phillies card in the initial pack belonged to Kendrick, and I can only hope future packs result in more Phillies cards.


Anonymous said...

Jim, thanks for the kind words and the link! I assure you and your readers that there will be more coming, and certainly more Phillies.

My plans are to do one post a week, each featuring multiple cards. I hadn't thought it out completely, but I may continue the virtual pack theme through the season... but I'd do something more like 4-5 cards per "mini-pack", because I really don't have time to make 14 cards each week. :-)

If you or anybody else wants to see a particular player on one of my TSR customs, all you need to do is ask... or hint strongly enough that an oblivious guy like me will pick up on it. (*Disclaimer: Offer based on player image availability).

Jim said...

I don't know if there any good photos out there yet, and he might not fit into your checklist, but new Phillies Room favorite Jeff Manship desperately needs a Phillies card.