Saturday, March 15, 2014

1980 TCMA Reading Phillies #15 Bob Dernier

By the time the Saturday night Phillies-Red Sox spring training game ends, I'll probably be way too tired to compose and kind of lucid game summary post.  I've been fairly busy at work the last few weeks, and sleep is at a premium.  (By the way, it's almost a year with my new employer and I'm happy to report that I made an excellent decision in leaving my old job via free agency and signing with a new team.)

In lieu of any game-related posting, I wanted to show off the latest addition to my Bob Dernier player collection.  For reference, I first mentioned that I was actively seeking out this card back in a November 2011 in a post where I showed off several early 1980s stickers featuring Dernier during his time in the Venezuelan league.  Dernier's 1980 TCMA Reading Phillies card showed up on eBay recently and I immediately stopped what I was doing and placed a relatively high opening bid.

Fortunately, bidding didn't go too high, and I'm happy to say I can now remove this card from my Bob Dernier Want List and move on the next challenge . . . his 1982 Tastykake Phillies card.  As an added bonus, Bobby D. has signed the card in the space provided as a result of the poorly centered photo.

* * *

I also need to update my Ten Most Wanted - Vintage list on the sidebar.  I'll provide full details in a future post, but my Mom has come through with three of the ten cards on the list.  And yes, she rocks.

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