Friday, February 28, 2014

2013 Topps Heritage Minor League #67 Ethan Martin

Blue Jays 7, Phillies 5
Spring Training Game 2 - Thursday Afternoon, February 27th in Dunedin
Record - 0-2

One Sentence Summary:  Home runs from Darin Ruf and John Mayberry, Jr. weren't enough to overcome the Blue Jays and the hot bat of Jose Bautista as the Phillies lost, 7-5.

What It Means:  Ruf and Mayberry are seemingly both competing for roster spots, and both delivered an impressive performance in this game.  But it's still very, very early.

What Happened:  Cliff Lee made his spring debut and allowed a run while striking out three in his two innings of work.  Ethan Martin got roughed up in the fifth and left the game with shoulder discomfort after not retiring a batter.  Ben Revere had a three-hit day.

Featured Card:  Topps revealed the final checklist for the 2014 Topps Heritage set yesterday, and I'm extremely excited for the set's release.  Compared to the tame 1964 Topps design, pictured here on Martin's Topps Heritage Minor League card from last year, the 1965 Topps design is much more exciting, colorful and just plain groovy.

Based on the official 2014 Topps Heritage checklist, Martin will share a Rookie Star card with catcher Cameron Rupp.

It's also timely that I'm sharing an IronPigs card in this post, as the team recently announced it will wear an alternate hat this year featuring a cartoon rendering of bacon.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.


Anonymous said...

The bacon hat (and its underpublicized jersey counterpart) is ugly, it's more than a bit ridiculous, and the IronPigs will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Topps says:

"Sticking with tradition are "error" card variations that recreate mistakes and quirks that were originally made in the 1965 set."

I wonder if next year, they are going to include an error card with a deceased player, as they did with Dick Ellsworth/Ken Hubbs in 1966?

Jim said...

Bacon hat = Brilliant.

Jim from Downingtown - Yikes! I hope not.