Monday, November 25, 2013

The 5th Annual @Section_36 Purge

2004 Bowman #114, 2004 Fleer Tradition #75, 2004 Topps Gold #59 and 2004 Upper Deck #236
Even with World Series parades to attend and new World Series-related swag to accumulate, the proprietor of the fine Section 36 blog still found time this past month to continue his annual baseball card purge.  Each year, in preparation for the soon to be released new sets, Ron goes through his collection and removes those cards that are a decade old.  He's kind enough to set aside the Phillies cards during this process and send them along to me, where they find a nice home in the Phillies Room.

When Section 36's annual packages arrive, I always enjoy going through the cards and reflecting back on the team's players from a decade ago.  Appropriately enough, one of the players featured prominently on 2004 Phillies baseball cards is Marlon Byrd, who recently returned to the club via a questionable two-year contract.

Thanks again Ron, and I hope you're not too disappointed when the Phillies defeat the Sox in the '14 World Series, denying them a repeat bid.

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