Monday, October 14, 2013

1951 Bowman #52 Dick Sisler

I don't often re-read my posts, but reading my tribute to my Dad from last year always brings a smile to my face.  Thinking about him and sharing stories about him has proven to be very therapeutic for me over the past two years.  Dad passed away two years ago today, and I wanted to post a simpler tribute to him today.  A simple tribute for a simple man, he would have said . . .

The most important baseball card in my collection is the 1951 Bowman Dick Sisler card that graces this blog's banner.  Almost six years ago on Christmas Day, my Dad handed me an envelope with my name on it.  I opened the envelope to find a short note from my Dad and the card you see here.  What a perfect gift from a great Dad.

As I drafted this post, the thought occurred to me that I should do the same thing for my sons Doug and Ben, only their envelopes would contain a 1979 Burger King Phillies Pete Rose card.

P.S. Dad would have loved that Larry Bowa is back.


Steve F. said...

Nice tribute! I just looked at your post last year and I see your wold-be quote from him, "Trade 'em all, fire Charlie and Ruben and bring back Bowa."

2/3 of the way there, and fingers crossed for the last one!

What was my first card ever? I'm not certain, but it would have been 1973 or 1974 football and 1976 baseball. I still have 'em all too.

The first set that I really collected was 1977 Topps baseball. I have since upgraded the set to a better condition version, but I keep my original one in a box, dog-eared as the day is long. Someday I'll pass that on to my kids.

The Junior Junkie said...

I have that card. Sisler looks just like young Ray Liotta.

You Dad's handwriting is awesome...

Bob Grim said...

Thanks for shaing. Priceless!!!