Thursday, August 8, 2013

2014 Chachi Preview #1 Domonic Brown

Earlier today, Topps released the first image of its 2014 flagship set's design through various social media outlets.  Tonight, as a Phillies Room exclusive, I'm pleased to release the first image of the 2014 Chachi set.

Personally, I'm more excited about this design than the design of the 2014 Topps set.  But I'm probably biased.


Anonymous said...

I had two reactions to the 2014 Chachi unveiling:

1) What, we don't get to vote on the design this time around?

2) Eh, I would've voted for 1988 anyway.

Jim said...

I was going to do the vote again, but I already knew I wanted to go with 1988. This will be my 10th Chachi set, and the pickings are getting slim of sets to choose from the '70s and '80s!