Sunday, July 28, 2013

The 2nd Phillies Team Set Gallery Week

Welcome to another Gallery Week, otherwise known as the week of auto-pilot posts since I'm on vacation and doing my best to stay electronic-device free.  Please refer to this post from just prior to my last vacation for a primer on what to expect this week.  I've enjoyed putting these gallery posts together, even though the scanning did tend to get slightly monotonous.  Between now and my vacations next summer, my goal is to track down the remaining cards needed to finish off a few older oddball sets so that I can continue the Gallery Week tradition next year.

First up is the 1963 Fleer Phillies set, from Fleer's first ever set of current baseball players.  The cards were sold in packs with a cookie in an attempt to get past Topps' exclusive right to sell baseball cards accompanied by gum.  Only one series of 66 cards was released before a court order forced Fleer to cease and desist.  Fleer wouldn't return with a set of current baseball players until 1981.

1963 Fleer #50
1963 Fleer #51
1963 Fleer #52
1963 Fleer #53
1963 Fleer #54

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