Thursday, June 27, 2013

1976 SSPC Phillies - Part Two

The only reason I'm breaking this team set up into two galleries is because of Blogger's 20-label limit on posts.  It would have bugged me not to label some of the players featured.  Part one was published yesterday.

Jerry Martin received his "rookie" card in this set, as he didn't appear in a Topps set until 1977.  Wayne Simpson and Erskine Thomason receive their sole Phillies cards, even though they appear in the uniforms of the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens, the Phillies top farm club in 1975.  Simpson appeared in 7 games for the 1975 Phillies, while Thomason pitched just one inning for the 1974 squad.

Dick Ruthven isn't in this gallery, even though his 1976 SSPC card features him wearing a Phillies uniform.  The back of Ruthven's card indicates he had moved on to the Atlanta Braves.

#470 Mike Schmidt
#471 Bob Boone
#472 Tom Hutton
#473 Dick Allen
#474 Tony Taylor

#475 Jerry Martin
#476 Danny Ozark MG
#599 Wayne Simpson
#600 Erskine Thomason
#607 Mike Rogodzinski


Steve F. said...

This is a nice set. I bought the entire set sometime around 1985 and then added just the Phillies set to my Phillies collection again. I don;t think I have Kaat, but I do have Ruthven. Or vice versa. Regardless, I will have to add the other one to my team set.

I mailed out both the Simpson and Thomason cards for autographs but didn't get a return from either. I suppose they just kept them.

Jim said...

I should have also provided a link to this Dick Sisler card from the set, featuring him as a coach for the Padres: