Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2004 Batavia Muckdogs Team Issue #36 Kyle Kendrick

Phillies 6, Giants 2
Game 34 - Late Tuesday Night, May 7th in San Francisco
Record - 16-18, 3rd Place, 4 games behind the Braves

One Sentence Summary:  Kyle Kendrick once again pitched a solid ballgame and Chase Utley contributed three hits as the Phils defeated the Giants, 6-2.

What It Means:  It meant the Phillies had a chance for the unexpected series sweep, but they lost earlier this afternoon.  It also means that I am officially impressed with Kendrick's season so far.

What Went Right:  Kendrick allowed two runs on six hits in his seven innings of work.  He earned his fourth win while maintaining a stellar ERA of 2.45.  Ryan Howard and Utley each hit solo home runs in the victory.

2004 Choice Lakewood
BlueClaws #12
Featured Cards:  I promised to dig into the Kendrick baseball card archives if he kept up his ace-like performance, so we're going all the way back to the beginning.  Kendrick was drafted by the Phillies as an 18-year-old in June 2003, and his first two cards appeared in 2004 minor league issues.  He began the 2004 season with the Rookie-A Batavia Muckdogs, where he received his first baseball card picturing him in the patriotic, but garish, Muckdogs alternate home uniform.  Kendrick was promoted to the Low-A Lakewood Blueclaws part-way through the 2004 season, where he received his second minor league baseball card.


Steve F. said...

Not only is the uni garish, but look at the clash between the fonts for his name and his team name at the bottom of the card--yecchh!

(I'm a font-watcher, by the way.)

Jim said...

As a fellow font-watcher, I definitely concur.