Saturday, March 16, 2013

2009 Upper Deck #800 Chad Durbin

Phillies 7, Yankees 0
Spring Training Game 21 - Saturday Afternoon, March 16th in Tampa
Record - 9-11-1

One Sentence Summary:  Domonic Brown and the Phillies relievers led the team to a shutout victory over the Yankees.

What It Means:  Manager Charlie Manuel wanted to stretch out his bullpen today, and the nine shutout innings prove that the idea was a success.

What Went Right:  Five Phillies relievers combined for the shutout, but the most impressive performances came from Raul Valdes and Chad Durbin who each threw three scoreless innings.  Brown and Steven Lerud both homered for the Phillies and Brown made two great catches in the outfield.

Featured Card:  I'm hoping I have many more opportunities to present Brown's cards throughout the regular season, but a Phillies middle inning/long reliever probably won't realistically have that many chances to "star" in a game.  I have nine Durbin cards in my Phillies collection, and four of them come from team issued sets.  This is one of his few Upper Deck cards.

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