Thursday, February 21, 2013

2005 Upper Deck Flyball #174 Pat Burrell

Tom over at the fantastic The Angels, In Order blog took me up on my recent statement that I'd gladly give a good home to any unwanted 2005 Phillies baseball cards.  I received a nice little package this week of several Phillies cards from 2005, including the Pat Burrell card featured here.  Until receiving this card, I had no idea a 2005 Upper Deck Flyball set existed.

But it does, and now I have one of the six Phillies cards found in that set.  Tom also sent along some Phillies cards I needed for my 1970s Phillies binder, including the 1979 Topps Mike Schmidt card.

Please contact Tom if you have any of the Angels cards listed on his want lists or please help in out in adding to his Tim Salmon collection.

Thanks again Tom!

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