Friday, January 4, 2013

Need More Machados (Maybe)

2002 Donruss Best of
Fan Club #242
Having decided to update my Phillies Want Lists for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, I recently began the exercise of starting at the beginning and typing into Blogger all the Phillies cards I needed from 2002.  I quickly realized a few things:

1.  This was a painful and extremely boring exercise.
2.  There were a lot of Phillies baseball cards issued during 2002 (and most likely the subsequent three years) that I really don't have a burning desire to add to my collection.  There's definitely a desire, but I'd call it tepid, at best.
3.  There's no way I'm going to type up full lists in a post (especially for 2002 and 2005) until I've parsed down the list through the purchase of team sets in lieu of going after each individual card.

So what to do?

I love the idea of having all my want lists in one central location, available to me whenever I stumble upon a random baseball card show at a Mall or if I happen to be innocently window shopping on eBay while at work.  (During lunch break, of course.)

So I'm going to try out the Google Drive thing and make my 2002-2005 Phillies want lists available for all to see.  Starting with 2002, I'll be uploading Word documents of my want lists over the coming weeks.

Please check it out and aid in my tepid quest to add more Anderson Machado, Johnny Estrada and Jorge Padilla cards to my collection!  My original 2002 Phillies Want List has also been updated with the new link.

(Additions and corrections are very much welcome.)

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