Sunday, October 21, 2012

1992 Pinnacle #284 - Dale Murphy & Wally Joyner

Last week, the Phillies named Wally Joyner their assistant hitting coach, rounding out their new and hopefully improved 2013 coaching staff.  Joyner will assist Steve Henderson as both former sluggers attempt to find a pulse from the Phillies aging offense.  A few random thoughts upon Joyner joining the Phils:

- I believe this "assistant hitting coach" position is relatively new in baseball, right?  I may have made this up, but I thought teams were only permitted to have six coaches in uniform.  So does the "assistant" tag mean that Joyner isn't officially a coach?

- I'm assuming Joyner will earn a card within the team's 2013 photo card set, but for now the card featured here is the sole Joyner card in my Phillies collection.

- Joyner will wear #21 with the Phillies.  During his best years,  from 1985 through 1991, he wore #21 with the California Angels.  That number was recently vacated by Greg Gross, the team's former hitting coach.

- Joyner's 1986 rookie cards were like gold back in the day.  The 13-year-old kid in me thinks it's awesome that Wally World is coming to Philly.

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Steve F. said...

I saw Wally World at the "Philly" (actually Reading) Show a couple years ago. If he keeps his hat on, you'll never notice it isn't 1986. If he takes it off, put on some sunglasses....