Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1974 Topps #283 Mike Schmidt

I was recently enjoying a Tile Tuesday post over at Wrigley Wax when I realized I had one of the few team-issued cards missing from the storied WW Collection.  I attended two games at Wrigley Field in September 2002 and the give-away during one of those games was a special 1984 Topps-style Lee Smith card.  This just happened to be of the three cards Wrigley Wax needed, so e-mails were exchanged and the Smith card left The Phillies Room HQ yesterday in a bubblelope bound for Cubs Country.

I wasn't expecting anything in return, but WW mentioned in an e-mail that he "found some cards on [my] '74 list to send [my] way."  Some cards indeed!

I received a package today with eight 1974 Topps cards from my want list, including this awesome second year Mike Schmidt card.  Now I already have this card within my 1974 Topps set, but I greedily wanted another copy for my 1970s Phillies binder.  And thanks to Wrigley Wax, I now do!

* * *

How is it that I love the All-Star Game so much, yet completely loathe the Home Run Derby?


Dan said...

the home run derby is only fun live, the distances they hit the ball are amazing. the broadcast is terrible and long and the angle is awful. when bautista was batting in the finals yesterday, i couldn't tell if it was a home run, foul ball, or pop out....plus the all-star game has all the hats mixed together.

Wrigley Wax said...

I remember when Mike Schmidt used to have his own private home run derby at Wrigley Field. I loathed that derby!

Steve F. said...

I agree with Dan. I saw it live in 1996 at the Vet and enjoyed it (even if everyone was juicing...), but I can't bear to watch it on TV.

And a tremendous response there from Wrigley Wax--well-played, sir! (It still doesn't make up for Dallas Green snookering our front office into giving you Ryne Sandberg though.)

Jim said...

I was at The Vet in '96 too, and I remember it was fun to watch.

Dan - My worst fear is that one day both teams will wear special "All-Star" uniforms in the game. I love that the players wear their team's uniforms as back in the day this was the first time I'd get to see teams in their updated unis.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Steve F, I can picture Green and his cronies sitting around, salivating at the prospect of fleecing Bill Giles, a noob who fancied himself to be a GM.