Friday, June 29, 2012

Who Wants My Extra eTopps Cards?

2004 eTopps #31
Back in the early 2000s, when I was younger and admittedly more foolish, I thought eTopps was going to be the next big thing.  I anxiously signed up in 2001 for the initial offerings of the new Topps "virtual" baseball cards and I clicked away each time a new Phillies card was offered.  (Here's a little more background on the world of eTopps for the uninitiated.)

Earlier this year, Topps announced it was discontinuing its eTopps line, so I recently took shipment of the two 2011 eTopps Phillies cards I had in my virtual Topps vault.  After requesting shipment of these cards, and paying the shipping and handling charges, I was playing around within my eTopps account when I realized that I had bought two copies of each Phillies eTopps card offered in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

So who wants these cards?  Shipping and handling charges from the eTopps vault is $6.75 for the first card and $1.60 for each additional card.  If you're in need of these cards for your Phillies collection, I'd be happy to order them for you and I could probably even have them shipped directly to your home address.  I'd just ask for some cool Phillies cards (preferably from my want lists) in return or the reimbursement of the shipping costs.

Here's what's currently in my eTopps portfolio, including the number of each card issued:

2003 eTopps #72
2003 eTopps #14 Marlon Byrd/1822
2003 eTopps #56 Vicente Padilla/995
2003 eTopps #72 Pat Burrell/1168
2003 eTopps #106 Randy Wolf/1874
2003 eTopps #107 Kevin Millwood/3000
2003 eTopps #118 Brett Myers/2115

2004 eTopps #31 Jim Thome/1908
2004 eTopps #71 Mike Lieberthal/1479
2004 eTopps #101 Bartolo Colon/1973*
2004 eTopps #102 Phillies Team Card/2500
2004 eTopps Classic #ETC51 Robin Roberts/807

*This was some sort of "bonus" card that I earned.

I also have doubles of the following, already in hand, also available for trade:

2001 eTopps #32 Jimmy Rollins/1307
2001 eTopps #52 Bobby Abreu/677
2001 eTopps #75 Scott Rolen/498
2001 eTopps #130 Pat Burrell/1253

Please e-mail me at Ringo73 at msn dot com if you're interested in expanding your Phillies eTopps collection!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to take you up on this, but I literally just received my entire vault shipment -- I already have them all.

You plan on busting them out of their cases? I am going to do so -- it's going to be the subject of a post this weekend.

Jim said...

I've already broken out the cards for my collection, but I'll leave the doubles in their cases. They really are nice looking cards and some of the designs were half-way decent.