Thursday, April 26, 2012

1996 Leaf Signature Autographs Bronze - Mike Mimbs

Diamondbacks 9, Phillies 5
Game 17 - Late Monday Night, April 23rd in Phoenix
Record - 7-10, 5th Place, 5 1/2 games behind the Nationals

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One Sentence Summary:  The Phillies were completely embarrassed by the Diamondbacks, 9-5.

What It Means:  I listened to the majority of this game from a hotel room in Mason, Ohio, and at the time I thought to myself, "This is the bottom.  It's got to turn around from here.  It will get better."  Fortunately, at least for the next two games, it did get better.

What Went Wrong:  The Phils were shut out for eight innings and then scored five times in the ninth to at least make the final score somewhat respectable.  Charlie Manuel would call the inning a "morale booster."  The big blow in the ninth was a three-run home run from Shane Victorino - the team's first home run of 2012 with runners in scoring position.  Carlos Ruiz followed with a solo home run.

Featured Card:  Kyle Kendrick made a spot start in place of the injured Cliff Lee and he allowed eleven hits and seven runs in his three-plus innings of work.  Todd Zolecki pointed out that he became "just the fourth Phillies starter since 1918 to allow 11 or more hits and seven or more earned runs in three or fewer innings."  The last pitcher to do it?  That would be Mike Mimbs, back on May 11, 1996, against the Braves.

Mimbs was featured on quite a few Phillies cards back in 1996, including this signed card from the ground-breaking Leaf Signature Autographs set.


deal said...

I was at the 5/11/96 game - A game that I have referred to as the Jeff Blauser Game or (expletive) Mike Mimbs Game.

It rained a bunch during that one too - just dragging out the agony.

Thanks for the memories.

Jim said...

I think we all went to at least one or two "(Expletive) Mike Mimbs" games between 1995 and 2000!