Saturday, February 11, 2012

1991 Phillies - The Missing Link

1991 ProCards #2547, 1992 Score #867, 1992 Topps Debut #110 and 1991 Upper Deck #483
This post will get me up to speed, at least for the 1990s, in my analysis of Phillies players with very few or no Phillies baseball cards at all.  I'll continue this series of posts through at least 1999, and then I may go back in time and re-visit the forgotten Phillies, or at least the woefully unrepresented on cardboard Phillies, from the 1980s.

Here's a quick summary of those unfortunate few players with no Phillies baseball cards to their names:

1990 Phillies - Louie Meadows
1992 Phillies - Darrin Chapin and Mickey Weston
1993 Phillies - None

43 different players appeared with the 1991 Phillies at some point during the season.

3 Cards or More
40 Players

Rick Schu gets credit here using the Dickie Noles rule that I instituted with my review of the 1990 team.  Schu has no Phillies cards from his second stint with the Phils, but he appeared on plenty of cards during his initial term from 1984 to 1987.  Schu made it into 17 games with the 1991 Phillies, which would be his final big league action until appearing in one game with the 1996 Montreal Expos.

2 Cards
Amalio Carreno (3 games in 1991) - 1992 Score #867 and 1992 Topps Debut #27
Doug Lindsey (1 game in 1991, 2 games in 1993) - 1992 Topps Debut #110 and 1993 Stadium Club Phillies #10

Lindsey makes an appearance on the 1993 list with the same two cards.

0 Cards
Dave LaPoint (2 games in 1991)

This was the end of the road for the 12-year veteran as LaPoint pitched horribly in his two starts with the Phillies (5 innings, 6 walks, 10 hits, 16.20 ERA), earning a quick release.  The Phils signed LaPoint on April 7th and he was with the organization for a little over two weeks before his release on April 23rd.  Given his very short time with the club, it's easy to see why he never made it onto a Phillies baseball card.

As a bonus feature with today's post, here's my scrapbook page from LaPoint's Phillies debut, which features the wonderful headline, "A disa-LaPointing debut with Phils."  And yes, I used to re-do the boxscores on my Commodore 128 for purposes of my scrapbook.  (Click to enlarge.)

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