Thursday, January 12, 2012

1989 Topps Phillies - Missing Links (Incomplete)

I've mentioned in a few posts already how I began the process a few years back of creating Topps Phillies cards for those unfortunate few players omitted from the Topps base or traded series for the year(s) they wore red/burgundy pinstripes.  To date, I have created a complete run of missing link players from 1980 through 1988.  I got to 1989 . . . and completely stalled out.

There were 19 players who appeared with the Phils in 1989 who did not merit a Topps baseball card that year.  I started creating the cards and then, to be perfectly honest, I completely lost interest in the project.  I guess Floyd Youmans and Gordan Dillard and Jim Adduci will do that to a guy.  (As a side note, it was very difficult for me to replicate the curvature of the player's name on the 1989 Topps cards.  I found I had to rotate and adjust each letter to get the right look.  This probably contributed to the abandonment of the project.)

In any event, here are the five cards I did manage to complete.  The remaining 14 will hopefully be completed at some point.  After all, how could we live in a world in which Steve Stanicek doesn't have a 1989 Topps Phillies card?

And in case you're wondering, here are the 14 players still missing 1989 Topps Phillies cards:  Jim Adduci, Dennis Cook, Gordon Dillard, Curt Ford, Charlie Hayes, Terry Mulholland, Dwayne Murphy, Tom Nieto, Randy O'Neal, Al Pardo, Mark Ryal, Bob Sebra, Steve Stanicek and Floyd Youmans.


Johngy said...

Easy for me to say, but I would love to see a bunch of the rest. Guys like Ryal, Pardo, Nieto, Adduci, Cook. I have created about 150 Celebrity Jersey Cards and none of this Topps year. I have a few that should be on the 89 Topps, but that rotation of each letter has prevented me from doing so.
Therefore, long story short...I salute the several 89's you have made.

Dan said...

Pat Combs, prospect of the century! and Jim Adduci must have led the team in avg with that .368...

You should do Youmans, opening day starter in 1989. Otherwise, you notice how these other guys basically had their career end that year? what a terrible team that was...

Jim said...

Thanks Johngy! I know I'll get to the rest one day.

Dan - It was an awful team. It seemed as if there was a new player just about every game. Leyva was trying anything to field a competitive line-up, but the pieces just weren't there.