Friday, January 6, 2012

1951 Bowman Phillies - 1 More to Go

1951 Bowman #185 and #292
A few weeks ago, I posted the Ken Johnson card my Dad gave to me last year for Christmas.  At the time, he thought it was the final card I needed to complete the 1951 Bowman Phillies team set.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that I still needed three more cards, so I agreed with him and we marveled at our latest joint collecting feat - a complete 1951 Bowman Phillies team set.

As part of the "Santa Brings Way Too Many Awesome Baseball Cards to Jim" haul, brought to me this Christmas by my Mom, I added two of the final three cards I actually needed to complete the team set.  Jimmy Bloodworth and Eddie Pallagrini have now taken their places among one of the nicest looking baseball card sets around.  (I like the set so much that the Dick Sisler card from the set is the centerpiece of this blog's banner.)

As of this writing, I just need card #255, Milo Candini, for the complete '51 Bowman Phillies team set.

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